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Multiaspect Introduction of the Development and Application of Conveyors
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The material handling conveyor transports material continuous on a fixed route.It also can be called continuous handling conveyor. Conveyor are available for horizontal ,inclined and vertical conveying .And also it can be composed of space transmission lines.  Usually the transmission line is fixed .Conveyors have large capacity ,long conveying distance ,available for finishing much work during conveying process ,wide application .
  China ancient high drum cart and the roller of water are  in an early form for modern bucket conveyor and scraper conveyor.In the middle of 17th Century ,
aerialtramway had been applied in conveying bulk solids .In the middle of 19th ,all kinds of modern structure conveyors came into being in series .

In 1868 ,the belt conveyor came out in United Kingdom .In 1887,the screw conveyor/spiral conveyor came out in United State .In 1905 ,the steel belt conveyor came out in Switzerland .In 1906 ,the Inertial conveyor came out in United Kingdom and Germany .

From then on ,conveyors were continuous improved by the progress in mechanical manufacturing ,electrical motor ,chemical and metallurgical industry .
 Classification and Structure   Conveyors are usually classified according to whether there is a traction or not .
The conveyor with traction usually includes traction equipment ,bearing carrier ,drive unit ,stretching device ,redirection device ,support assembly ,etc . The traction equipment is used for traction transmission ,taking conveyor belt ,drag chain or hoisting cable .The bearing carrier is used for bearing and putting materials ,matching with hopper ,bracket or hanger and stairs for carrying person .The drive unit set he motion to the conveyor .Usually it is consisted of electrical motor ,reducer and decelerator ,etc .The stretching device usually has auger type and lever with weight type ,which make traction equipment keep a certain tension and sag ,so as to guarantee conveyors work smoothly . The support assembly is used for supporting traction equipment or bearing parts  ,and it maybe take carrier roller ,idler wheel ,etc. The feature of traction conveyor is: the conveyed material are put into a bearing carrier with traction equipment ,or install on the traction(such as conveyor belt ) .Traction equipments  beyond  all  rollers or  sprocket wheels  end to end ,to form including conveying materials called load branches and  no conveying materials called unload braches’ closed circuit ,making use of traction equipment continuous work to convey materials , There are various of conveyors ,mainly for belt conveyor ,slat conveyor ,car type conveyor , escalator, moving pavement ,scraper conveyor ,enmasse conveyor ,bucket conveyor ,bucket elevator ,trolley conveyor and overhead cableway ,etc .(See Figure)
No traction equipment’s conveyors’ structures are different .So are the work unit for conveying materials . Their Structures are : taking use of work unit’s rotation or alternating motion, ,or using media flow in the pipe ,so as to move materials


Roller Conveyors’ work unit is a series of rollers ,as roller rotation to convey materials Screw Conveyor’s work component is screw .Screw rotaries in the trough to push materials along the trough .Vibration Conveyor’s work component is trough .The trough is for reciprocating to transport materials . Pneumatic conveying equipment, hydraulic transmission device and the container-type devices to piped gas or liquid medium in the pipeline for the transportation of materials.

Most conveyors are driven by electric drive , Internal combustion engine , Pneumatic driven or hydraulic driven .

  Main Parameter
Generally based on the requirements of material handling systems, material handling location conditions, the production process and material characteristics to determine the main parameters. transmission capacity: the transmission capacity of conveyor refers to the amount of material transported per unit time .(http:www.changrong-jx.com) When conveying bulk materials ,it is calculated by conveying materials’ mass or volume per hour .When conveying pieces of goods, ,it is calculated by piece per hour . Conveying Speed: improving the conveying speed can improve the conveying capacity .When using conveyor belt as traction equipment and conveying distance is long ,conveying speed is increased day by day .But high rotation’s belt conveyor need to be careful about vibration ,noise ,start and stop ,etc .For chains as traction’s conveyor ,speed should be small ,so as to prevent the power from increasing a lot . Component size :conveyor’s component’s size include conveying belt’s width ,plate width ,volume of silo ,diameter of pipe and container .Because these size influence directly the conveying capacity of conveyors . Conveying distance and inclination angle :conveying distance’s length and inclination angle influence directly conveyors ’total resistors and necessary power .
  Development Trend of Conveyors:
To continue developing large scale .The large scale includes large capacity ,large length and large inclination and others aspects .Water conveyor’s installment’s length has reached over 440KM .Belt Conveyor’s Length has almost reached 15KM ,and has come into being various of sets consisting AB two places’ s “belt conveying way “ .Many countries are searching and exploring long distance ,heavy load transportation materials and better conveyor’s structure .To enlarge usage of Conveyors .Conveyors which are worked under high temperature ,low temperature, corrosive, radioactive, flammable substances environment ,and also available for conveying hot , explosive, Pellet, viscous material . To make conveyors’ structure meet requirements for material handling conveyor system automatically .Such as the post office use the automatically sorting conveyor to pick parcels which is met requirements of sorting and picking . Reducing energy consumption so as to save energy has become one of the most important aspects in conveying technology fields .It has taken one ton materials for conveying one kilometers ’energy consumption as one of the most important indications for selecting conveyors . TO reduce all kinds of conveyors producing dust ,noise and emissions .
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